class selenium.webdriver.remote.remote_connection.HttpErrorHandler[source]

A custom HTTP error handler.

Used to return Response objects instead of raising an HTTPError exception.

http_error_default(req, fp, code, msg, headers)[source]

Default HTTP error handler.

Args :
  • req - The original Request object.
  • fp - The response body file object.
  • code - The HTTP status code returned by the server.
  • msg - The HTTP status message returned by the server.
  • headers - The response headers.
Returns :

A new Response object.

class selenium.webdriver.remote.remote_connection.RemoteConnection(remote_server_addr, keep_alive=False, resolve_ip=True)[source]

A connection with the Remote WebDriver server.

Communicates with the server using the WebDriver wire protocol:

execute(command, params)[source]

Send a command to the remote server.

Any path subtitutions required for the URL mapped to the command should be included in the command parameters.

Args :
  • command - A string specifying the command to execute.
  • params - A dictionary of named parameters to send with the command as its JSON payload.
classmethod get_remote_connection_headers(parsed_url, keep_alive=False)[source]

Get headers for remote request.

Args :
  • parsed_url - The parsed url
  • keep_alive (Boolean) - Is this a keep-alive connection (default: False)
classmethod get_timeout()[source]
Returns :Timeout value in seconds for all http requests made to the Remote Connection
classmethod reset_timeout()[source]

Reset the http request timeout to socket._GLOBAL_DEFAULT_TIMEOUT

classmethod set_timeout(timeout)[source]

Override the default timeout

Args :
  • timeout - timeout value for http requests in seconds
class selenium.webdriver.remote.remote_connection.Request(url, data=None, method=None)[source]

Extends the url_request.Request to support all HTTP request types.

Initialise a new HTTP request.

Args :
  • url - String for the URL to send the request to.
  • data - Data to send with the request.

Returns the HTTP method used by this request.

class selenium.webdriver.remote.remote_connection.Response(fp, code, headers, url)[source]

Represents an HTTP response.

Initialise a new Response.

Args :
  • fp - The response body file object.
  • code - The HTTP status code returned by the server.
  • headers - A dictionary of headers returned by the server.
  • url - URL of the retrieved resource represented by this Response.

Close the response body file object.


Returns the URL for the resource returned in this response.


Returns the response headers.

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